Pamela Anderson's

We don't have to introduce you to Pamela Anderson because you know her very well. Even being late millennial or generation Z you know that Pam is an icon of sexuality in the 1990s. Who could forget her running to the edge of the beach in a red bathing suit and moving her beautiful hair to the wind? 

Yes, Pamela Anderson was the fantasy of every precocious/teenager who kept a Playboy under the bed and devoted whole nights, and we do not talk only about wet dreams to this pump sexy and curvilinear. However, Pam's latest statements may change your perception of her a little bit.

Recently, during a question and answer session for Dazed magazine, the former Bunny, actress and businesswoman made statements that could change your perception of their way of seeing sex, but we should take into account that Pamela is a common woman and Current and not a sex machine that lives in our imaginary.

When a person asked him how he could help his partner pass his "asexual" stage, Pam replied: "I've heard it's an epidemic. Or maybe it's an evolution in the age of technology and phobias of germs. Do you see too much pornography or play a lot of video games? ... Too much masturbation or fantasies about the personalities of the pornography or video games like Fortnite seem to have become an addiction ".