model vita

We're in a month of football fever and no one can criticize us for that. No one is immune and the world is a big land where the ball is kicked. For a few days, Tehran, Washington, Moscow, Seoul, Mexico City and Cairo will have no more conflict than support for their teams.

Nor will there be gender rolls, and men and women will be nothing but enthusiastic and enraged fans. In fact, we feel inclined to remember those athletes who have changed the pulse of the courts and how much they can do for the history of the most popular evidence of coordination, mental strategy and physical ability. For them, the road has not been easy in a sport that started being exclusive for men. It was necessary to impose the females, like the American Mia Hamm, part of the list of the best 125 live footballers of all time, already withdrawn since 2004; or the Japanese homae Sawa, one of the largest half-campers in the world; Also Marta Viera da Silva, the Brazilian of the pretty jogo that became one of the most talented gures of soccer in the annals of history, and, of course, Yoreli Rincón, the Colombian who won the award for best player of the Copa America in 2014... And there are also soccer fans, who support their teams and are very clear about the value of their fellows. They leave their mark of success in other territories where sacrifice and tenacity are as necessary and laudable as in a high performance sport. As the Vitalia model ' Vita ' Sidorkina.

She is Russian and, just for that, in reality or in the minds of many, she is one of the great hosts of the World Cup. What makes this woman special? What's your story? "Right now, I've been studying Italian, so I listen to songs in this language every time I have time. I also exercise, practice yoga and meditate. I love going to the beach, especially at dusk, "he says exclusively to GQ. We imagined it in that set and we looked for the reasons to admire it. One is the physicist, we're not going to deny it. At 24 years old, you don't have to force a pose to be sexy. Love it or not, sensuality covers you more than sweat on your naked skin on a immodest summer day. So, and by his shrewd and agile eyes, is special and successful